About the Company

Quartz Ceramics produces ceramics that you can use for decorative and everyday purposes with their creative, unique and characteristic product concept. Quartz Ceramics products conserves historical values, in the field of handicrafts. All of Quartz Ceramics products are made and dyed by hand. You can see the Hittite, Seljuk and Ottoman patterns on all of Quartz Ceramics designs, which carry the marks of history. The profession branches and groups that Quartz Ceramics works together are as follows:

- Individual Persons
- Interior Architects
- Architects
- Decorators
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Ceramic Stores
- Art Houses

Quartz Ceramics designs and sells all of its products as made to order. Furthermore, the contents of our products are handmade, lead-free and sanitary.

About the Founder

Ali Kasap graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University’s Department of Political Science in 2011. After being graduated, he studied English language in United States for 3 months and then returned back to Turkey. Following to his return, he began to work in the handicrafts, ceramic sector as it was a predecessor profession for his family. He gained all his knowledge and experience about ceramic from his grandfather, father and elder brother, by living in this art. Today’s developed service industry, customer satisfaction and desire to be unique led us to produce different products and cooperate with different professions, institutions and organizations. Ali Kasap has served as the manager of Quartz Ceramics since 2015.                          

First Job: Ceramic Apprentice (When I was a Child)
Cities Lived in: Hamburg, Germany; Famagusta, Cyprus; Albany, United States; Nevsehir, Turkey
As a Kid I Want to Be: Formula 1 Pilot
Favourite Colour: Turquoise
Hobbies/Interests: Skiing, Classic Music