Quartz Ceramics produces and sales handicraft ceramics. Quartz Ceramics sells ceramics both abroad and inside the country, with retail and wholesale methods. Quartz Ceramics’ area of expertise is to produce handicraft ceramics that you can use for both decorative and everyday purposes.

You can purchase online of Quartz Ceramics shopping website.

No. You have to pay the exact price and the shipment cost and customs fees, if any, for a product that you bought by retail. It is because the product that you bought is going to be reproduced and be completely yours.

Quartz Ceramics’ official web page is an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) web page. You can safely do shopping at this data based web pages.

It is because all of the current pictures are sample products. We reproduce the pattern of the demonstration product that you chose.

No, our demonstration products are not for sale, they are only for visual sampling.

You can find the completion durations of each product in the information on their pages.

Yes, you can change your delivery address before your item(s) delivered to DHL Express. The new address can be different city or state but must be in same country. For change your address send email to hello@quartzceramics.com.

Yes, each order is shipped by DHL Express and we will inform your tracking number immediately after your order is shipped.

We will send you an email notification when your package has shipped that will include tracking information.

Buyer can cancel purchase without paying any penalty within 24 hours. Please send email to hello@quartzceramics.com.

Buyer can return the good(s) within (14) fourteen days of delivery without any cause. In order to use the right to revoke the order, the buyer must notify the seller via e-mail within (14) fourteen days after receiving the good(s). For more information, you can read Returns & Exchanges policy.

Buyer can cancel purchase without paying any penalty within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the seller will start to design Contractual work. If buyer refunds after 24 hours, cost of shipment and customs fees will be refunded to buyer. However, Contractual Work will be made handmade and Contractual Work will be order according to buyer’s request shape, design, size and quantity. Therefore, 20 % contractual work will not be refunded to buyer, because of it is cost of order(s) and workmanship compensation. For more information, you can read Returns & Exchanges policy.

If buyer demands exchange of the delivered good(s), buyer must inform the seller within (14) fourteen days after receiving the good(s) and return the good(s).

If your product has a problem, you must notice Quartz Ceramics within (7) seven days. The notices after (7) seven days are not under the responsibility of DHL Express and Quartz Ceramics.

Because that our products are fragile, we ship all the orders with full insurance and take the full responsibility for the damage item(s). We will replace your good(s) as soon as possible. Please send the photograph of your broken product as an email within (7) seven days. We will replace your broken good(s) without any extra cost.

Your purchased items are shipped all together even though items production time might be different.

Yes, we have a price list for wholesalers. Please send email to dealer@quartzceramics.com.

Yes, it is possible for us to send a sample product. The shipment price is calculated by DHL Express with regard to the destination country for the product and the buyer reimburses the shipment cost.

Quartz Ceramics requests wholesalers to submit a document, approved by their companies. Therefore, it is understood that the other company is a wholesaler.

The completion period of the container based orders changes from one product to another and also with regard to the quantity of the order. Please send an email to dealer@quartzceramics.com about this issue.

Quartz Ceramics uses pigment dye and boron frit in its ceramic products. Our dyes are glazed and lead-free, nature and environment-friendly. In the Terracotta products, ink dye is used. Inside of these products are lead-free and outsides are coated with varnish.

Yes, you can use Quartz Ceramics’ stoneware products in the daily life. They are safe for dishwasher and microwaves. Because the outside of Terracotta products are varnished, they can be cleaned only hand-washing. They cannot be cleaned with dishwasher and cannot be used in microwaves as well. All earthenware products are for decorative.

None of Quartz Ceramics products can be used to cook in an oven and exposed to fire, directly. Instead, you can use them for the hot and cold service purposes, in the long-term.

All applicable customs fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of Quartz Ceramics. Buyer is NOT responsible for any customs fees (import tax, country tax, state tax or any other tax). Quartz Ceramics send your ceramic(s) Delivered Duty Paid – DDP. Before pay final payment, you will see customs fees for your country. You will pay customs fees to us and we will send your ceramic(s) Delivered Duty Paid. In this process, you will receive your ceramic(s) door to door and we will arrange customs regulations on behalf of you.

Yes, of course we can do this. It is enough for us that you just tell at which address and when the product is going to be delivered, in advance. It is very easy for us to send gifts to your family members or friends for special days.

We are unable to ship your purchases during national and religious holidays of Turkey. If you do purchase during national and religious holidays of Turkey, shipping is made after the holidays.

For all other questions, send an e-mail to hello@quartzceramics.com.