Why DHL Express is Best?
Why DHL Express is Best?

There are some international cargo companies in world and each company has own advantages and disadvantages. We would like to explain why we are working with DHL Express. What kind of experiences we lived. What is the key word for shipping? Now, let me answer all these questions.

We worked other international cargo companies and finally, we made decision DHL Express is the best one. Best one yes. However, for whom and for what? Firstly, distribution network. We have many customers from different countries. All cargo companies can deliver items popular cities and contries. However, most of them they can not deliver items some states or cities. For example; one of our customer ordered from north of Sao Paulo and we sent his ceramic items. However, this cargo company could not deliver his items because of insufficient branch. We wanted different address and this cargo company has delivered our customers items to different address. Because of this, we are working with DHL Express. They are working in 220 countries even small cities and villages.

Quartz Ceramics is selling handmade ceramics. Everybody know, ceramic items can fragile. They are not like as a carpet. Therefore, we must think this cargo company must do very good packaging. Because, ceramic items will go intercontinental. Here is we can see DHL Express. They are using totally different items for packaging. They are using foams and special thick wood boxes so any ceramics can go very safety. If box takes any damage, thick wood absorbs damage so there is nothing happens for shipment. We received 3 damaged items out of 100 for DHL Express. Others are using foams and cardboard box so if box receives any damage, ceramic items can break easily. We received 30 damaged items out of 100 for other international cargo companies.

After talk about packaging, let’s talk about insurance. Which companies are covering full insurance for shipments? If any items broken while transport, are they paying cost of items? If they pay cost of items, when they pay cost of items? Indeed, one international cargo company and DHL Express is covering full insurance. If any items broken through DHL Express, immediately they are paying cost of items. Just, they need to see photos of broken items. Even, you don’t need to do any report. However, we lived a broken problem with other cargo company and they paid cost of items after 6 months later.

Our items are handmade and our customers are waiting their ceramics. The production time depends on each item. After giving our customer ceramics to DHL, they must ship very good packaging send them so our customers should not wait again for shipments. Here again, we can see DHL Express. They can deliver at the latest within 7 days door to door delivery. United States and Canada shipments take from 2 until 5 days. United Kingdom and Europe take from 2 until 4 days. Other companies can deliver at the latest within 14 days. Time is important and let’s save time for everybody.

If you work always with professionals, you would be happy. We ship our handmade items Delivery Duty Paid (DDP). While we are shipping items to destination country, we are informing to destination country tax center about shipment item and tracking number so shipment never wait in tax center. It goes to directly to our customers. Because, DHL Express informs to tax center in details about shipment item and tax belongs to Quartz Ceramics. However, we lived bad experience with other cargo companies. Shipment item can wait in tax center for weeks and finally, they can want one more tax. If you work with professionals, you always reduce risks and get best results.

Deliver is always very important and they can be vital for receivers. DHL Express always work even the worst weather conditions. They pick up our handmade items for receivers and they shipped immediately. It is respect to sender, receiver and respect to their jobs.

There is only one disadvantage of DHL Express which is price. The cost of shipment is the highest price than other cargo companies. However, would you like to receive your items in one time with highest shipment price or would you like to pay 2-3 times cost of shipment. Probably, you will live trouble with other cargo companies and total paid for shipment with other cargo companies will be more higher than DHL Express. Moreover, Quartz Ceramics offer free shipping for $ 1.000 or above than $ 1.000 so you will not pay anything for shipment too.

Now, let me explain key words for shipment is:

1. Large Distribution Network

2. Safe Packaging

3. Full Insurance

4. Fast Delivery

5. Professional Workers and Working Worst Weather Conditions.

We and our customers love DHL Express.


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